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Note: Predictions and maps created by this service are not licensed for commercial use.

Welcome to the ATDI suite of online engineering tools. 
These are designed to be fast and easy-to-use and to provide accurate services for engineers and others interested in the design, modelling, regulation and measurement of wireless networks. We do not licence the use of these plots for commercial purposes. ATDI offers a low-cost Warranted Coverage Prediction service using our latest tools for those who wish to supply coverage plots to customers. For more information please contact  

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About wireless networks

The term ‘wireless networks’ is a popular term that is becoming accepted as describing all manner of technologies and topologies that make use of the radio spectrum.  It spans the ITU defined services of fixed, broadcast, mobile and satellite and it covers the sub-categorisations such as radar and navigational aids.  In short it describes all spectrum dependent devices.

About the services offered on the site

The outputs from the various tools are in the form of answers to engineering questions given as values, graphics and overlays. Though engineering questions, they have specific implications in marketing, economics and finance and therefore the site aims to have wider appeal.

Using the service

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